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How many people require this cover?

How many people require this cover?

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Period From {{data.startDate | date : dateFormatG}} to {{endInsurance | date : dateFormatG}} (inclusive)

Summary of Cover:

Public Liability Cover for {{peopleInvolved}} person(s) €3,900,000 cover with no excess (other than an excess of €250 in respect of damage to third party property).
Care Custody & Control (Liability to animals) €15,000 any once accident or series of accident, (Liability to Animals) arising out of one original cause with a €50 excess per loss.
Loss of Key Cover €10,000 cover with no excess.
Loss of Money Cover €250 cover with no excess.
Non-Negligent Cover (Accidental injury to animals) €15,000 claim for any one accident or series of accidents arising out of one original cause with €50 excess for each and every claim. Note - Non-Negligent Cover does not apply to Horse Sitting services.
Employers Liability Cover for {{data.coverCheck.employerCount}} €13,000,000 cover with no excess.
Holiday Emergency Cancellation Cover Up to €1000 with €50 excess to covers travel costs of a customer returning to Ireland in the event of loss or death of a pet in your care.
Professional Indemnity Cover for {{data.coverCheck.professionalCover}} person(s) Up to €350,000 with €200 excess each and every loss.
Personal Accident Cover for {{data.coverCheck.personalCover}} person(s) €10,000 for a range of injuries — see our policy for further details. €250 weekly payment for Temporary Total Disablement, up to 104 weeks.
Business Interruption Cover Covers losses caused by flood, lightning, earthquake, aircraft, explosion, storm & falling trees, impact, malicious damage, theft and burst pipes if your business premises or buildings are damaged and you suffer an interruption to your business.
Glass Cover Up to €2,000 with €100 excess.
Equipment Cover for {{nWithc(calculation.equipment)}} Covers accidental damage, fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft, theft, riot or civil commotion, malicious damage, earthquake, impact, storm, flood, escape of water or oil or falling trees or branches with €100 excess.
Pet Taxi Cover Included

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Government Levy 3% {{govtLevy}}
Insurance Compensation Fund 2% {{icf}}
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Business Partners/Directors: {{data.peopleInvolved.businessPartner}}
Full time employees: {{data.peopleInvolved.fullTimeEmp}}
Part time employees: {{data.peopleInvolved.partTimeEmp}}
Helpers/Volunteers (not including close family): {{data.peopleInvolved.helpers}}

It is also assumed that you have had no previous insurance claims.

Also that you have NOT had any insurer in respect to which this policy refers declined to insure you, cancelled or refused to renew your insurance or imposed any special terms.

And that you or any of your officers, business partners or directors have NOT been convicted or charged with (but not yet tried) a criminal offence other than a minor motoring conviction or have been declared bankrupt or insolvent.

[Dog Walkers: Maximum 6 dogs at any one time]

Your Demands and Needs Statement

You asked PBI to provide you with terms for your business liability insurance for your pet/animal trade. You advised us what insurances you require and we did not provide a personal recommendation.

For your information, the Insurance Company used for this cover is Amlin UK Limited. This company offers a comprehensive, competitive product, giving you adequate protection for your Business Liabilities.

These above terms are valid for 30 days with effect from today. Our Summary of Cover and our Terms of Business will be emailed with your cover note, but can also be downloaded from the website

If you have other business tasks or services that need to be covered, please advise PBI and we can revise your quote accordingly.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly either by email or telephone 021 234 8006.

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